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Black Women Need To Work More Then Whites

by | 17th, November 2008

“BLACK women ‘now earn more than white,” says the Mail’s headline.

“Black women are earning more than white women in Britain for the first time.”

The Mail talks of a pay gap of 6 per cent, with black women earning on average £462 a week – against £436 for white women.”

Or as the man talking to the Times says:

The Equality and Human Rights Commission said the figures may be explained by the fact that half of all black women live in London, where average pay is higher than elsewhere in the country.

Which would suggest that – get this – immigrants in search of better life gravitate towards areas of higher pay.

So it does not means that black women are scoring the tops jobs, just that lots of black women are in work and accept wages that are not all that terrific…

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