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A Cockatoo With Every Happy Meal

by | 18th, November 2008

McDONALD’S is giving out a free endangered animal with every Happy Meal.

Hold on a moment, smiling animal killer, that whale is not for eating. Sure the gherkin fits neatly over it’s blow hole, and the fighting wallaby’s pouch serves as a decent pot for your curry sauce, but these animals are stuffed toys.

So, don’t worry kids. Keep eating that ground up cow and that mashed up and shaped chicken. Those animals are not endangered, nor are calves and baby chicks in the least bit cute.

Andrew Bolt has a list of the animals and how they figure on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) list of endangered species:

Of the 10 animals on McDonald’s list only four are endangered or critically endangered. Two are ‘vulnerable’ – the next closest level to ‘endangered’ – and the rest are all nowhere near the ‘endangered’ level. Particularly misleading is the inclusion of the cockatoo which is of ‘least concern’ to even the often concerned environmentalist groups.

Can you eat a cockatoo? And we don’t just mean a cock-o’-two ground up in your beef burger with the testes; we mean an actual cockatoo…

If you can eat on, McDonald’s should take it off the endangered list and out it on the menu.

Only when Happy Meals diners eat the critters will they truly know that they are preserving the animal which can now be farmed for its delicious meat…

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