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Baby P: Spot The Ashes, Protect The Mum And Kilo The Cat

by | 18th, November 2008
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BABY P Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Baby P in the news…

THE SUN: The image of Baby P’s face hangs like a blonde pall of hair over the Sun’s front page.


The campaign is to see social workers and medical staff who failed to treat Baby P sacked. That’s what counts for justice. Amid the signatories are said to be “Haringey boss” Sharon Shoemsmith’s in-laws.

The Sun shines its light on four social workers. The Telegraph says “Baby P was seen by 28 different social workers, doctors and police officers before he was tortured to death.”

Why has the Sun not highlighted them, too?

Martin Belham notes the “curious moral anomaly that people who worked on the case are free to be named, shamed and hounded by the press, whereas the actual perpetrators of the dreadful crime are protected by the state from the prying public”.

And how they love to pry:

“In any anonymous corner of this London cemetery, Baby P’s ashes lie scattered – REST IN PEACE”

No peace for Baby P in life, and certainly no peace in death.

Pages 4 and 5: For anyone wishing to see the site of baby’s P’s resting place, the Sun has clues. There’s a Garden of Remembrance. He’s close to a birdbath. He is in Spinney No.2. Look out for toy clown. He’s in East Finchley, at the Islington and St Pancras Cemeteries.

Meanwhile his mum is in prison. “She’s truly evil,” says a prison source. “Every two weeks she goes and has her hair done at Hairy Poppins – the on-site hairdressers. She seemed to think jail was such a laugh she stuck her tongue out at jail officers and said, ‘It’s just like Butlins, innit.’”

No-one from Butlins is on hand to defend the holiday camp.

Pages 6 and7: “THE LIFE OF BABY P”

The Sun produces the files detailing every “stomach-churning injury inflicted on the tot”. The Sun lists them. Why? Baby P… P is for Porn…

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