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Baby P: Spot The Ashes, Protect The Mum And Kilo The Cat

by | 18th, November 2008
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FERGUS SHANAHAN: “Murdered cat Kilo sold down the river by a judge”

P is for Pussy cat…

THE question I get asked more than any other by readers is: What happened to those louts who drowned Kilo, the much-loved HMS Belfast ship’s cat?

What happened to ‘em, Fergus?

Well, on Friday we got our answer, as you may have seen in the paper. The girl of 16 who chucked Kilo into the Thames in London after a drunken night out smirked as Judge Sue Green let her off with a supervision order.

She must also write a personal letter of apology to the crew of HMS Belfast. And that’s about it. The judge ticked her off but said she did not think a more serious sentence, such as custody, was necessary.

Anyone have a new question for Fergus?

That attitude — implying that it was just a cat so it doesn’t matter — is part of the reason we end up with infants like Baby P being tortured to death in our so-called civilised society.

Baby P’s stepdad used to torture animals, so a source told us on the BBC’s Panorama.


Once again readers get to see the “last resting place of Baby P”.

His ashes are “beneath an oak tree”.

Pages 4 and 5: “294 DAYS OF PAIN – Dossier on Baby P’s tragic short life.”

SUE CARROLL: “The overwhelming conclusion will be that this 17-month-old boy was the focus of a huge amount of concern.”

Case closed. But isn’t it the social workers job to be concerned?

On paper every conceivable proposition was considered to save Baby P from his hellish existence.

Carroll spots “one fact”: “Not one correct decision was made”.

Why? Well: “…because Baby P ceased to be a blue-eyed, blond little boy but a case study”. Baby P was undone by “liberal handwringers” who failed to appreciate his blondness…

DAILY MAIL: “Mail revels in detail the 78 times tortures toddler was seen by doctors, social workers and police… THE DAMNING DOSSIER”

And Mail readers can experience them all over two pages: “Agony from cradle to grave.”

DAILY EXPRESS – not a single mention of Baby P. Not one. Why? The paper that once had a missing blonde child on its front page every day, now declines to feature baby P. Anyone?

DAILY STAR: “Baby P – Full sad diary of horror revealed for 1st time PLUS First pics of mum”

That’s mum, the one with the wishy-washy face. She’s got no features. Have a heart. She’s all blurry. Life must be hard…Of course, you can see pictures of the mum, stepdad and lodger Jason Owen (pictured) on the web.

The Star hears from white extremists, who “had Owen and the lover as supporters”.

One writes:

“Let them endure months of mutilation and torture before they are killed. Needles through the eye balls/testicles, a finger/toe cut off each week.”

Owen’s friends give an insight into Owen’s mind.

METRO: Haringey hits out at Panorama over Baby P

Responding to the programme’s allegation that the council failed to inform police about a large bruise to the side of the baby’s head when he was admitted to hospital in April 2007, the council said that bruise was ‘thought at the time to be accidental’.

‘The social worker specifically asked the hospital staff if there were any child protection concerns and was told that there were not. We were following the all-London child protection procedures,’ it added.

The BBC1 programme said that the police wanted to take the blond, blue-eyed toddler into care after he was admitted to hospital with non-accidental injuries in June last year but Haringey insisted the child was returned to his abusive mother.

Baby P is dead – and the paper’s are wondering how long it will be before they can show a picture of the mother

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