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Testes Times In The Celebrity Jungle

by | 18th, November 2008

THE Daily Star reports that Nicola McLean is “not afraid to get her lips round a croc’s willy”.

How the paper knows this remains a story untold.

Last night we saw the pneumatic model eating kangaroo testes on I’m A Celebrity, so her sucking on a crocodile’s penis is not beyond the realms of possibility – unless of course, the penis is attached to the rest of the reptile and in a state of arousal.

In which case, it is not suitable for a family show nor organ and we await the leaked-to-web video.

One wonders how Nicola can top her mouthful of little jumpers. Perhaps she can put her own penis into a crocodile’s mouth, her breasts into a wallaby’s pouch or her vagina in a toaster?

Anything can happen when animals are on the telly.

How Peter Purves, Valerie Singleton and John Noakes must kick themselves for not picking up that baby elephant’s poo and eating it. Does Noakes still keep dogs? If so, he may yet have future in light-entertainment telly.

Up, Shep. Up!

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