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I’m A Celebrity Star Impregnated By Dinner

by | 19th, November 2008

CAN you get pregnant by eating a crocodile’s penis? What about a kangaroo’s teste?

I’m A Celebrity junglist Dani Behr could be pregnant, reports the Star. She’s asked for a pregnancy kit to check.

Dani says she’s feeling a bit sick. It can’t be the termite bap she had for Tiffin, so it must be a child.

While Skippy hops nervously from one foot to another, and Steve Irwin’s pets point at each other and demand DNA test, we salute ITV.

This is the kind of joined-up TV the BBC should be doing. Right now the amnio team are handing the test results to Jeremy Kyle.

In a live satellite link up, Kyle will command the father to “be a man” and stand on its own hind legs. He will pack Dani off for a chat with “our Graham”, who will produce more therapy than it is good for any one person to swallow.

And while we wait for that, a song, form Old Mr Anorak’s rugger days:

Bestiality’s best boys, bestiality’s best.
F**** a wallaby!
Bestiality’s best boys, bestiality’s best.
F*** a wallaby!

Lick the cock of a croc, boys, lick the cock of a crock
F*** a wallaby! …

Repeats all the way to Zebra…

Testes Times In The Celebrity Jungle

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