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Baseball For Jesus And Jews In Hell

by | 19th, November 2008

ANORAK’S look at religion making news.

FROM the Rapture Ready site:

Just last night after baseball practice, my 11yr old son and I were driving home when someone almost pulled out in front of us. It could have been a bad accident. After I blew my horn and mumbled to myself about how ignorant some people could be, my 11yr old said “Oh well….we would have just gotten to Heaven a little sooner. You know how much I like baseball, Dad, but I am ready to go now.”

Strike one…

I just looked at him and smiled and said “You’re absolutely right son….and we are one day closer.” That’s something we say around the house frequently. “We’re one day closer to Heaven”. It’s true, and today would be fine with me.

Meanwhile in Autralian Baptist minister is speaking to his flockers:

A BAPTIST pastor has admitted telling Jewish leaders that Jews were “going to hell” and faced a fate “worse than the Holocaust” because they had not accepted Jesus as their saviour.

The apology:

Mr Harris said his comments were made in a private meeting “in my lounge room” and admitted using the word “holocaust” but said it was Biblical language.

“I explained that I love the Jewish people very much and that some awful times were coming for them but I did not wish that upon them at all.”



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