Anorak News | Gordon Brown Reacts As Sarah Palin Boost Turkey Sales

Gordon Brown Reacts As Sarah Palin Boost Turkey Sales

by | 23rd, November 2008

SARAH Palin gets to see Turkey from her house, and the press gobbles it up.

The LA Times wonders if the birds can be killed after they’ve died. And Americans choke on their murder burgers and go mad for vegetarianism:

Anthony Schmidt, owner of Triple D Farm & Hatchery, is taking calls from the press and campaigners:

Schmidt said he was busy during the governor’s visit and didn’t realize turkeys were being killed right behind the governor, or he would have stopped it. He said the publicity is increasing turkey orders…

Anorak wonders is Gordon Brown can do for the banking industry what Palin has done for turkey farmers?

No sooner said than done. News reaches us that Gordon Brown will be standing beneath the window ledges of Citicorp’s Canary Wharf at 1:32pm tomorrow…

Sarah Palin Shows Gordon Ramsay How Meat Is Murder

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