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A Good Stuffing: Gordon Ramsay’s Naked Lunch

by | 24th, November 2008

THAT’S panicky TV chef Gordon Ramsay on the front page of the Sun (“Don’t mention the F-word”), Mail, Mirror (“IN THE SOUP”) and Star (“Becks saves Gord”).

Is the F-word football? Is Ramsay teaming up with the Beckhams on Celebrity Soup Kitchen, in which celebrities try to survive in a suburban shopping precinct, enduring a series of Borough Tucker Challenges, such as eating kebab remnants and bin diving for used condoms?

The Mail clears up the confusion by its prosaic headline: “’Family man’ Gordon Ramsay is accused of seven-year affair.” Yeah, the f is for “f*****g, a thought that is never too far from Ramsay’s lips.

The f***ee is, allegedly, one Sarah Symonds, 28, a woman billed as the “Queen of infidelity”. She survived a year-long relationship with Jeffery Archer, penned Having An Affair? A Handbook For The Other Woman, which advises “get out of it, or if not, get the most out of it”, and “never date a poor married man”.

And what does Ramsay have to say. The papas and hacks are at the gate of his family home (as seen on TV). Ramsay is standing with one arm around his wife (as seen on TV), the mother of his four children (as seen on TV).

Even when confronted by rumour of cheating on the family he’s paraded before us, Ramsay is memorable vain, posing like a Cabinet minister with his doting wife at his side.

Ramsay seems to equate being in the public eye with being a public figure. The Celebrity Dad of the Year 2007 might really believe he is the world’s No.1 dad.

And what does the TV cook say about the Mirror’s news that he bedded Symonds four days ago in a Mayfair hotel “after she bought legal sex drugs”?

“It’s time for Sunday lunch,” says Ramsay. “I’m starving.”

But first, wash your hands…

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