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Maureen Lipman Toxicology Report

by | 24th, November 2008

ANORAK overhears a phone call between Maureen Lipman (police codename ‘Bettie’) and ‘Antony’, her grandson. Maureen says she has taken LSD and cannabis. Over:

BEATTIE: Antony, congratulation on your test results

ANTONY: Grandma, I passed.

BEATTIE: Passed? Whadyermean passed?

ANTONY: “I mean I passed: hair test, blood test, urine test, breath test, schizophrenia, piss artistry, touching my nose… I passed.

BEATTIE: You didn’t fail anything?

ANTONY: They found some glue on my text book.

BEATTIE: Glue… Very useful. People will always need to mend plates. Anything else..?

ANTONY: Toxicology.

BEATTIE: An ology. He gets an ology and he says he’s passed?!

You get an oplogy you’re a home scientist, coking up crack in your home laboratory…

You know the testers are in the wrong. You know the tests are not perfect…

Ends. Sound of boots on pavement…

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