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Gary Glitter Spotted With Plastic Bag

by | 24th, November 2008

GARY Glitter is out there. He’s been spotted in South Lanarkshire, carrying a small child in a carrier bag in much the same manner as Paris Hilton and other jobbing celebs would carry a small dog.

Is this a new craze among our celebrity paedos? If it is, we alert them to the possible illegality of such actions.

And what of the dangers of suffocation? Do not try this at home.

We urge the country’s celebrity paedo community to carry about small adults instead, perhaps the youthful American actor Gary Coleman (4’8), a post-surgery Dolly Parton (4′ 11) or footballing genius Dennis Wise and the Chelsea midfield of the early 1990s (height on application).

Back to Lanarkshire, where at the council chambers the picture has been circulated. As a result the Mail reports that 15 council staff, “including social workers”, have been sacked or reprimanded.

Says a council source: “These emails mocked the very children these people were being paid to protect.”

Liberal Democrat MP Annette Brooke, an ambassador for children’s charity NSPCC, opines:

“It is totally unacceptable that anyone, let alone anyone involved in child protection, should find Gary Glitter’s behaviour remotely amusing.”

The child’s whereabouts have yet to be ascertained. But you can help.

The Mail encourages all readers to report anyone seen carrying a plastic bag in public, and alert the relevant authorities to the wherabout of these people who would kill the planet. They really are sick bastards…

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