Anorak News | Japanese Man Blames Murders On Pet Dog

Japanese Man Blames Murders On Pet Dog

by | 24th, November 2008

TO Japan where Takeshi Koizumi is accused of murdering Takehiko Yamaguchi and his wife Michiko. He is also staid to have stabbed one Yasuko Yoshihara.

It is crime not without potency. Mr. Yamaguchi was a retired vice minister in the health ministry in Japan, and Mrs. Yoshihara’s husband, Kenji, had held the same position.

The motive seems clear: revenge on the politicos.

But Koizumi wrote an email Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc before tuning himself in:

“The uprising this time is not a pension terror attack.

“This is revenge for the killing by a healthcare center of a member of my family 34 years ago. Even now, they continue to kill as many as 500,000 innocent pets every year. They need to know that if they continue with this needless butchery then it will come back to them.”

A family member? Pets?

The suspect’s father that when Koizumi was in elementary school the family adopted a dog, a stray. It barked. They had to put it down. Says he:

“I want to tell my son to punish himself and not to be so lacking in shame as to stay alive. I don’t know what to say to the family. I really should kill myself.”

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