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Haggling For The Guardian: All That Glitters For Tanya Gold

by | 24th, November 2008

THE Guardian’s Tanya Gold is looking for bargains to haggle over. Not wishing to spend any money on travel, she remains in London. Can she haggle Virgin Trains?

Can you haggle over the fixed penalty notice?

In an effort to save even more money and time, Gold could have rehashed the work Margaret Ryan did for the BBC in August. But she presses on:

I begin at 7am, at my local newsagent. “I don’t want to pay 80p for the Guardian,” I say. “I’ll give you 60p.” My newsagent rises from unwrapping a huge pile of Closers and gives me that filthy look she employs when I waste her time by begging her to read my articles, for instance, or shouting abuse at Vogue. “No,” she says. “I need my profit. Go away, Tanya.” “70p?” I wheedle. “Get out,” she snaps.”

Has anyone told Gold that the Guardian is not making a profit? If all the paper’s readers follow Gold’s lead, and are more successful than her, there will be less money for Gold to save. She may then be forced to haggle over her wages.

Gold then looks for saving in an indpendent bookshop in North London (‘Leith’s Cookery Bible’ – £35) and Borough Market – “I am also hungry, so I head to Borough market to buy a cheap chicken”. The chicken costs  £14.20.

Anorak is 80p cheaper than the Guardian, although if you want to haggle and give us something, you can…

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