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Cruise Control: Tom On Suri

by | 25th, November 2008

“MY daughter is sweet but very strong-willed,” says Tom Cruise of his daughter Suri, recently crowned cutest tot in this world and beyond.

You may think otherwise, you may think your own child is better looking or seek to champion a Pitt-Jolie, but resistance is futile.

Suri is strong-willed. Try to confront her and be met by a piercing rush to the frontal lobe. “Yield!” says the word writ large on the mind’s eye. “Yield!”

“Suri’s very much like her mother,” says Tom. “She’s open and sunny, but she’s also very determined.”


Hello! says Suit has “earned the top spot on Forbes magazine’s list of Tinseltown’s most influential children.”


Tom says Suri’s crying means one of three things: earthquake, tsunami or alien invasion, coded under the terms: “gas, diaper or hungry.”



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