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How Guantanamo Bay Prevents More Mumbai Massacres

by | 28th, November 2008

THOMAS Joscelyn explains why Barack Obama needs Guantanamo Bay:

The new administration will soon discover from its review of the Guantanamo files what motivated its predecessor: The scope of the terrorist threat was far greater than anyone knew on September 11, 2001….

Have the horrors like those witnessed in Mumbai been prevented by George Bush’s policies? Can flouting due process be for the greater good?

If the new administration follows the vision set forth by candidate Obama, terrorists such as KSM (pictured), Binalshibh, al-Baluchi, and al-Hawsawi will be tried in our federal courts with the same constitutional protections as American citizens including the presumption of innocence. But trying elite terrorists for their crimes does nothing to expose the unconsummated plots they had already set in motion at the time of their capture… KSM and Khan were not the only high value detainees to give up crucial, life-saving details during their interrogations…

But the Obama administration is sure to ask: How dangerous are the other detainees? …  We reviewed all of the unclassified documents for these 242 detainees as part of a comprehensive six-month study. Here are our findings.

…our review found at least 116 (48 percent) to be allegedly connected to the jihadist recruiting network. This includes both recruiters and those recruited or inspired by the network to wage jihad…

…our review found that at least 146 (60 percent) are alleged to have either operated or stayed in an al Qaeda or Taliban guesthouse…

…our review found that at least 174 (72 percent) were either trainers or trainees…our review identified at least 112 (46 percent) who are alleged to have participated in hostilities. The bulk of these fought on the front lines in Afghanistan against either the Northern Alliance or American forces.

Is everyone in Guantanmo Bay innocent? And if Guantanamo Bay is the answer, then what is it the answer to?

In other War On Terror news:

WOMEN BITE DOGS IN IRAQ: “Eighteen females in northern Iraq who were associated with Al-Qaeda in Iraq suicide bombing cells turned themselves into Coalition forces on Nov. 26.”

Free will…

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