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Nicolas Sarkozy Feels A Little Prick

by | 29th, November 2008

ONE of the more marketable things about Nicolas Sarkozy is that he is pocket sized. And this is good news for voodoo practitioners, who have fashioned a life-size replica of the French President.

One proviso to sale is that the voodoo dolls should carry a label saying they are offensive to him, rules the French judiciary.

How the stuffers of the Petit Sarkozy must rejoice at that, a badge of dishonour from the Beaks should multiply sales.

The doll is “within the authorised limits of free expression and the right to humour” but “spearing the doll… constitutes an offence to the dignity of Mr Sarkozy”, says the law.

Thierry Herzog, the president’s lawyer, expresses satisfaction with the ruling, adding: “The important thing is that consistent principles and jurisprudence should be applied.”

Mr Herzog’s position was that encouraging people to stick needles in Mr Sarkozy’s likeness went “far beyond” satire and was verging on “incitement to hatred”.

To the shops where the effigy is equipped with a handbook and pins which users can stick into memorable quotes from the president, such as “Work more to earn more”.

It’s all good fun, what’s a cruse between friends.

Although, given the dimensions and the uncanny likeness between doll and man, the opportunity to spill blood and prick the actual man is perilous.

Anorak looks forward to a Gordon Brown, one that perhaps cries real tears at the press of a button and can fit into your wallet…

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