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The Borrowers: The IMF Is Taken Over By Aliens

by | 29th, November 2008

PROOF that aliens have taken contol of the IMF:

And I have proof; Olivier Blanchard, chief economist at the International Monetary Fund has called upon nations to raise public spending by 2 percent of gross domestic product to combat a global recession, in a complete reversal of all the IMF has ever held dear:

“In normal times, we would be telling countries, ‘Please reduce your debt’, but these are not normal times. My sense is that yes, the fiscal spending will help, and we are seeing governments moving this way”…

The US fiscal stimulus package currently being batted around Washington, in a ball park figure of $500 billion, would represent roughly 3.5 percent of GDP in the United States. I think there may be a clue there as to why the IMF has turned its coat…

– Chenier

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