Anorak News | Lady Furnish Collects Elton John’s Nappy Hair In A Locket

Lady Furnish Collects Elton John’s Nappy Hair In A Locket

by | 1st, December 2008

DID you know that Lady David Furnish wears a lock of Elton John’s hair in a locket about his throat? Says Lady F:

“I have around my neck a little tiny locket and it has a lock of Elton’s baby hair…”

John watchers had long clung onto the belief that the singer’s hair-do was the product of a knitting pattern or real hair taken from the heads of fans. To read that it is shorn from baby’s scalps is monstrous.

We recall the advert in the Elton John fanzine Twice Dwightly:

“Do you want to get close and personal with Elton John? Just collect up hairs from the comb, brush, dog basket or plughole and send them in a envelope to the club house?”

But Furnish has not finished and says also in his locket is a picture of Elton as a baby. He was ever one for dressing up.

“I wear it for important occasions – when I climbed mount Kilimanjaro and on airplanes.”

In short, his ladyship wears the talisman when he’s going up and his feet cannot touch the ground to remind him, perhaps, of little Elton sat at home in his high chair playing with bits of hair and glue…

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