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Russians Eat Cats, Rats And Rock Sandwiches

by | 1st, December 2008

JASON Kottke has a list of recipes from Leningrad during the Nazi seige:

Soup from pets and domesticated animals

Meat is ranked by taste in the following order: dog, guinea pig, cat, rat. Gut the carcass, wash well and place in cold water. Add salt. Cook for one to three hours. For aroma: bay leaf, pepper, any sort of herbs, and, if available, grain.

Things in Russia are very different now. Now they have bread and fillings.

As English Russia notes,

If before you could bring back home some Matroshka dolls from your trip to Russia now you can take some new Russian hits – gift stones painted in popular Western colors like “Marlboro” or “Wrigleys” up there.

Use teeth sparingly…

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