Anorak News | Trashing Dorset’s Lapland Theme Park

Trashing Dorset’s Lapland Theme Park

by | 1st, December 2008

A NEW “winter wonderland” Lapland-style theme park is called a “joke” and “a scam”.

Many people have demanded a refund of the £25 they paid to enter the Lapland New Forest, at Matchams Leisure Park on the Hampshire-Dorset border.

Anorak has visited the venue. It’s dire, depressing and the food tastes like Rudolph’s already passed it. The best bit is that quote from “organiser” Henry Mears, who blames the poor reaction on troublemakers. Says he:

“Like all people they like to get into queues and just generate a bit of aggravation.”

Yeah. Queues are what make theme parks great. Without queues it’s not a theme park.

Some visitors said that what they experienced was “disorganised chaos” and “hell”.

So – fingers crossed – it still has a chance…


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