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Nicola McLean: Get ‘Em While They’re Hot

by | 3rd, December 2008

WAS Nicola McLean ever entirely in the Blue Peter Jungle?

While McLean’s head was in the right place, her chests were rumoured to be back at the hotel being pampered and prepped for interviews and fame.

Now all of McLean is in the hotel. And the Sun’s former Page 3 columnist and Daily Star mainstay tells us that she is “gagging” for sex with Peterborough United footballer Tommy Williams.

Readers may have supposed that McLean would choose a more high profile player to break her duck with, like David Beckham, Ashley Cole or Dean Windass.

But it turns out that Williams is Nicola’s fiancé. Happy days for Tommy, then, and if he was holding anything back now’s the time to reveal any sexual tick.

Nicola has been feasting on kangaroo testicles, and though they were not attached to a live roo, the challenge was taken and swallowed whole.

But Williams might have to get a move on as Nicola issues a come and get ‘em call to Daily Star readers.

“I’ve got a real soft spot for the Daily Star and all its readers, and I can’t wait to get my kit off for them.”

The race is on…

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