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Having Gordon Ramsay’s Cake And Eating It

by | 3rd, December 2008

JANE Moore is using her Sun column to talk about her friendship with Tana Ramsay, wife to “puppyish” Gordon Ramsay.

Ramsay has been accused of shagging one Sarah Symonds and over the course of a few hundred breathless words no mention is made of the chef’s alleged cheating.

“When we leave the Ramsay abode I practically have to prise my four-year-old’s fingertips from the door frame,” says Moore, whose husband works for Ramsay.

Having introduced her own family into the story of Ramsay’s family nightmares, Moore focuses on Symonds and her parents, with whom she lives in Wales. Sarah we learn lives in her “parents’ spare room”.

Back to the Ramsays and news that Gordon is at home a “caring and loving father”, who is “deeply passionate about his wife”.

That’s Gordon at home with his family in the Sunday Times magazine of November 22, 2008. Jack and Tiley Ramsay are eating spaghetti.

And here’s Sarah “Hell’s kitten” Symonds telling the News of the World, the Sun’s Sunday version, all about her alleged affair with Ramsay.

This is having your cake and eating it. The panicky chef’s wife might not care if he did or not sleep with another woman.

But so long as the burghers at News International do care, the Ramsays, the Moore’s and the Symonds will remain a news story…

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