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How Global Warming Created The Earth

by | 4th, December 2008

GLOBAL wamring is now called global cooling. It was called climate change but then the climate changed in something called the “seasons”.

Now the New York Times beigns news of a scientic breakthrough on teh orginas of life on eArth and how when the plent was formed all life wold ahve bene klileld, ahd theri been any, posisbly:

Scars on the surface of the Moon record a hail of impacts during what is called the Late Heavy Bombardment. The Earth would have received an even more intense bombardment, and the common thinking until recently was that life could not have emerged on Earth until the bombardment eased about 3.85 billion years ago.

Norman H. Sleep, a professor of geophysics at Stanford, recalled that in 1986 he submitted a paper that calculated the probability of life surviving one of the giant, early impacts. It was summarily rejected because a reviewer said that obviously nothing could have lived then.

That is no longer thought to be true.

“We thought we knew something we didn’t,” said T. Mark Harrison, a professor of geochemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles. In hindsight the evidence was just not there. And new evidence has suggested a new view of the early Earth.

Well, at least all scientists can agree that man causes global warming/cooling/ boiling/ oven baking etc…

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