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The Machiavellian Mr Speaker

by | 4th, December 2008

Machiavelli believes Mr Speaker has soemthing more to tell:

“The officers informed the Serjeant at Arms that the provisions of Section 8 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act required that they first seek consent of the person who occupies or controls the premises where they believe evidence may be found.”

Letter: Assistant Commissioner Robert Quick QPM MBA to the Home Secretary, 3 December 2008, in House of Commons Library Deposited Papers.

Says the Speaker:

the police did not explain, as they are required to do, that the Serjeant was not obliged to consent, or that a warrant could have been insisted upon.”

Says Dizzy:

If you are required to SEEK consent, it necessarily follows that there is no OBLIGATION to give it. Does this not place the Speaker on flaky foundations?

How very irritating

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