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Obama Disses Dave Cameron

by | 5th, December 2008

MARBURY reads the New Statesman claim that “following his brief meeting with David Cameron in July, Obama exclaimed, ‘What a lightweight!'”

I’m sceptical. It just doesn’t sound very Obama-ish. Whatever he thinks, he doesn’t make a habit of deriding individuals in this manner, even fierce opponents (in fact I can’t think of a single example right now). The story’s author refers vaguely to “diplomatic sources”. Even if Obama was going to insult the Tory leader, it would be very out of character for him to do so in front of officials that weren’t people he knew and trusted. And as we know, Obama’s aides aren’t leakers. Well, we’ll see. But this may not enhance the already less-than-stellar reputation.

They disappear leakers, don’t they…

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