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Global Warming Activists Gas Greenland

by | 7th, December 2008

DAVID Buckland, an “artist”, created Cape Farewell in 2001 to instigate a cultural response to climate change.

Having searched for the perfect iceberg to best place a bench from which to observe the world ending, artists continue responding to the weather:

On 29 September, Francesca Galeazzi walked to the top of a small hill in Greenland’s Jakobshavn fjord carrying a black gas tanks, kneeled down, opened the valve and released 6 kilograms of pure carbon dioxide into the air.

Did you experience it?  Says she:

You might think I carried out an evil horrible action. I would like to reassure you, I didn’t! I have done something great: I have offset the carbon emissions generated by the CO2 cylinder, through an online Gold Standard Carbon Offsetting scheme! Cool no? This is great stuff; one can go about consciously polluting the world, wasting energy, producing tonnes of waste and abusing natural resources without feeling guilty at all!! One can simply pay somebody to compensate for his/her ‘bad’ actions somewhere else, and become carbon neutral!

Don’t you think this is great?

Do you?

Personally I think it is appalling.

Old Mr Anorak is unable to answer because his if offsetting his last trip to his Thai ladies ping-pong winter traning camp by holding his breath for one, two, three…

Nurse! Oxygen!

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