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Vinnie Jones Smackdown: Raw

by | 8th, December 2008

VINNIE Jones “was being led to the gents after he was glassed in a pool table brawl,” says the Sun.

This is “VINNIE RAGES”. It’s front-page news.

Juan Barrera is walking past Jones. Barrera is not so much fat as he is gargantuan, what Americans call a “man of stature”. Says he:

“I just walked out the restroom, didn’t say a word to him – and he struck me in the mouth.”

A fat lip. The American then throws Jones over his shoulder. His trousers almost come down.

Then a woman with bicep implants and a chest made from Space Shuttle nose cones jumps in and screams abuse. Anther man, let’s call him “The Seminizer”, arrives dressed in knee-high boots, tassles and out the box hair extensions.

He smacks the floor hard. Repeatedly. Some one screams: “It’s mayyyyyhem!” Women scream “OH-MY-GARD!”

Police arrive at Wiley’s Tavern, South Dakota. Things calm down. Jones is arrested. Then a muscular dwarf jumps on the busty female copper’s back.

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