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The Rubber Barack Obama Worsens Before It Improves

by | 9th, December 2008

BARACK Obama is not for bouncing from one place to another.

Get a load of this insight:

“Obama Warns Economy to Worsen Before It Improves”-

Brilliant. Lower expectations. Reach for the bottom and then you can only go up. But if you do have some spare cash:

Some of the text on the package came from suggestions by readers of John’s blog, and no one is spared a little ribbing: Whether your favorite candidate is “a pantsuit stuffed with experience,” full of silly hopes, wishes and changes or “armed to the dentures with experience,” you’ll want to get all three. I once had a set of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky figures. They came with a cigar and had voiceboxes that shouted things like “I love pizza!” They were made to plug into my car’s cigarette lighter and hang out on the dashboard. I eventually sold them on eBay. If you want these figures by John Kricfalusi, pre-order them through his blog post here.

Spotter: MK

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