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It’s 3am And Barack Obama Is Call Screening

by | 9th, December 2008

RING! Ring! It’s 3am and the phone is ringing in the offices of Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari.

India is on the phone. India’s foreign minister is on line one. He is most unhappy. Islamabad puts the airforce on high alert.

Anorak wonders if call screening has yet arrived in Pakistan? Call screening may save the world from nuclear annihilation. You see that the call is from the angry man so you don’t pick up. The caller lets off some steam on your answer phone and goes to bed. He tells his wife that he gave the other guy what for and he sleeps well. And the other guy has a fun thing to play his guys. Everyone wins.

If Stalin had had call screening, he could have pretended he knew nothing of a pact with Germany and not left his country open to attack. It’s 3am already, Joe. Don’t pick up the phone.

In other calling news President-elect Barack Obama called Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen on her cellphone Wednesday to congratulate her on her re-election. She hung up on him.

She thought it was a radio station playing a joke and so as not to look stooopid hung on Barry.

Ros-Lehtinen tried to weasel out of it with self-deprecation:

“I thought, ‘Why would Obama want to call a little slug on the planet like me?’ “

She’s so down to earth she thinks the radio stations would call her. Here the news Miss double-barrel: the media only take the piss out of you when you’ve made it. See Sarah Palin. You can’t lampoon someone no-one’s heard of. D’oh!

Obama, she said, “laughed a lot” and said, “I don’t blame you for being sceptical.”

We are all of us sceptical because Obama has not done that much yet. And he might be more dangerous than his predecessor – Obama knows how to use the phone. We’re doomed!


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