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Shannon Matthews And The Taxis Of Evil

by | 10th, December 2008

SHANNON WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Shannon Matthews and family…

THE SUN: “FREAK OUT – Shannon beast released from jail so docs can treat bust jaw”

It’s “kidnap fiend” Michael Donovan. He looks a bit like Vivienne Westwood, only in more wearable clothes. The “toothless weirdo” is out of jail and into hospital to have his jaw fixed. “Evil mum” Karen Matthews remains in choky.

Evil. Fiend. A devil man! Pure evil!

BUG-EYED beast Michael Donovan gets a taste of his own medicine yesterday as he is restrained by handcuffs and a chain.

The 40-year-old oddball, who tethered kidnap victim Shannon Matthews with a noose during her 24 days in captivity, was manacled to a guard for a hospital visit.


The reviled abductor has been unable to put in his false teeth since the lag battered him three weeks ago, inflicting a double fracture.

Off to the doctors for realignment.

Donovan, flanked by two guards, was taken to Pinderfields from Armley jail in Leeds in a TAXI.

A taxi. Is there no bus stop outside the jail? Better he walks there, with a huge placard about his chest and be put to some good use: “SUN – Only 30p!”

One patient shocked to see him yesterday said: “He was waltzed through to a private area. I suppose they couldn’t have him sitting around in the waiting room in case someone else had a go at him.”

Strictly Come Dancing has impacted on all of our lives.


PRISONERS have nicknamed Karen Matthews “Bernard” because she faces the same fate as the food giant’s turkeys.

Out by Christmas?

A jail insider told the Daily Star: “A lot of the girls just want a piece of Matthews. They’re all calling her Bernard because they don’t reckon she’ll see in Christmas.

“Most of the other women in here are mums themselves and can’t believe what she did. There isn’t really a queue to whack her, it’s more of a stampede. The warders know she’s public enemy No 1 and are guarding her 24/7.

“She spends most of her time in a cell on her own. When she does go anywhere up to five of them follow her around. They don’t want her doing anything stupid on their watch. She is scared – and she should be.”

A bit of lag on lag action. Can they be naked for the Star?

JANE MOORE (The Sun): “I do feel pity Karen… but only for taxpayers”

While hard-working parents made daily sacrifices to cope with their family responsibilities, their taxes were thrown at a single mother deemed to have learning difficulties and an inability to function within the norms of society…

The truth, we now know, is that Matthews was clever enough to mastermind a breathtakingly audacious kidnap plot and play the role of anguished mother for weeks.

Clever? She got caught after a few weeks.

Eye down:

It was the same story with Baby P, where social services unequivocally failed to address the needs of the very children they are paid to protect and instead focused on the reprehensible mother.

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “It is pure hypocrisy to sneer at single mothers – Gill Hornby argues that we should stop concentrating on the “problem” of single mothers and start considering that of absent fathers”

It is true that, among her many crimes, Karen Matthews has not done much for the public image of the single mother in general. But you could say that Robert Mugabe hasn’t done much for the reputation of elected political leaders either. Like Mugabe, Matthews is an exception in her field. She is exceptionally vile, exceptionally cruel and exceptionally stupid.

Mugabe. Matthews. Compare and contrast.

But let’s not, on that evidence, rush in and condemn all mothers who are bringing up children on their own and depending on their benefit.

Ooops! Too late. We’ve burnt their homes, repatriated their goods and chattels and savaged the kids.

NEWS & STAR: “Pity poor Shannon”

You tend to wonder how many times in her troubled life kidnapped youngster Shannon Matthews had need to repeat the words she whimpered to policemen coming to her rescue.

Manipulation: It’s easy to brand Karen Matthews as evil because we can’t face trying to understand how she could do what she did

“Stop it now – you’re frightening me!” she cried…

Yeah, let’s imagine how much worse things might have been. It’s the tabloid’s new game. playt along at home…

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