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Dear Anjem, All We Want For Christmas Is Omar Barki

by | 10th, December 2008

ANJEM Choudary tries and tries and – boy – how he tries. But he’s no Omar Bakri.

Granted, he has the glasses and the he has the beard, but both are too neat, too tidy, too contrived.

“MAD MULLAH RANTS: BAN EVIL XMAS,” screams the Star’s front-page headline. The “pathway to hellfire” is lined with tinsel and covered in shards of Christmas tree leaves.

Christmas is evil, says the mad mullah. And a million housewives agree.

If Christmas is evil “Why does he have a beard like Santa?” asks the Star. Few would care to get close enough to Choudary to sit on his knee and give that beard a hearty tug. Would it come away in the hand revealing the shy feminine-skinned man beneath?

Is Santa a mad mullah mellowed by his advanced years and so much cold?

Santa is, or course, an illegal immigrant who arrives on a sleigh pulled by un-quarantined creatures to raid our homes of wine and pies, and molest mums. Choudary lives here by right.

The similarity appears distant. As does Omar Bakri, who now resides in Lebanon.

Come back, Omar. Come back. We need our resident mad mullah. Dear, Adjem, it’s all we want for Christmas…

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