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Whatever Happened To Karen Matthews’ Other Baby?

by | 11th, December 2008

SHANNON Watch: Anorak’s looks at Shannon Matthews, Karen Matthews and the greater Matthews clan…

Karen Matthews is guilty of a serious crime: she made columnists look like fools:

BEATRIX CAMPBELL: “Who do we blame?”

Compare and contrast the stories of Shannon Matthews and Madeleine McCann – and what we see is a narrative of nasty class prejudice

Shannon Matthews’ neighbourhood, community and family are poor, lacking in resources, and yet they have spontaneously displayed remarkable resourcefulness – children organised a vigil, adults went out searching for the missing child, community intelligence led the police to her. And once she was found, a party was promised.

Karen Matthews has acted appropriately throughout: she was waiting for Shannon at home; she contacted the police as soon as she had exhausted all the obvious locations.

And yet, our eye is drawn to her poverty, numbers of partners, cans of lager going into her household. Everything about Ms Matthews’ life has been up for scrutiny.

Continues for a few hundred more words…

THE SUN: ‘Let Shannon go please’”

She said Shannon’s disappearance had broken her family apart and told how she cried herself to sleep at night and could not go into her daughter’s bedroom.

She said she accepted police had to carry out criminal checks on members of her family.


THE mother of Shannon Matthews is thought to be pregnant with her eighth child.

CAROLE MALONE: “Poor Shannon’s a victim of class”

Her boyfriend, who is ten years younger than her, looks both simple and scruffy, not surprising as Karen herself looks a bit rough around the edges.

Karen and her 22-year-old boyfriend, Craig Meehan, live just 100 miles from Kate and Gerry McCann…

The problem is that Shannon Matthews isn’t as pretty as Maddie McCann. She’s not blonde or cute or beautiful. You don’t look at her and want to cry….

Carole knows?

I was brought up in an area just like the one where Shannon lives. I’ve never been to the Dewsbury Moor estate but I know about the people who live there. I know their values, their lives, their circumstances….

But she IS doing her damnedest to save her little girl—and we have to help her. Because she’s hurting every bit as much as the McCanns are. Her agony, her angst, her guilt, eat into her soul just like they eat into Kate and Gerry’s.


I USED to live next to a council estate in the North East, much like the one in Dewsbury Moor.

These are Carole’s people:

Karen Matthews, Craig Meehan and his uncle Michael Donovan were never those sort of people. Because all three belonged to that sub (human) class that now exists in the murkiest, darkest corners of this country.

A whole legion of people who contribute nothing to society yet believe it owes them a living — good-for-nothing scroungers who have no morals, no compassion, no sense of responsibility and who are incapable of feeling love or guilt.

Karen Matthews – Shannon fodder for hacks…

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