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Barnado’s Gash In On Shock And Sensation

by | 11th, December 2008

MANY complaints – 500! – about the Barnados advert depicting an abused girl spiralling into heroin addiction.

A smack on the head leads to smack in the veins.

It’s a simple message that can only benefit from Jonathan Ross saying how the victim is well fit and needs bending over a swing to be squired by Russell Brand.

Message to Barnados: If you want to shock, leave it to the experts.

And what of the girl in the film? Well, prepare to geel much smuyapthy for her as she is revaled as one…Elly…Gash.

Says Elly Gash:

“People complained because it was shown during I’m A Celebrity. That’s called reality television, yet people found the advert too uncomfortable. But it is reality for some children and they need to know they are not alone and can get help.

“If it’s helped one child’s life be better, isn’t that more important than a minority who wanted it banned? Troubled children need help, not to be sent to juvenile offender units.”

Elly Gash…

Please give generously… She’s suffered enough…


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