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Michael Bolton Is American Royalty

by | 12th, December 2008

MICHAEL Bolton is American Royalty. Think a hybrid Prince Edward and Sophie singing golf club karaoke:

AT HOMELAND SECURITY, ALL AMERICANS ARE EQUAL, BUT MICHAEL BOLTON IS MORE EQUAL: So I was flying home Saturday, on the plane with Michael Bolton and his band — he’d played at Cayman Jazzfest, which we skipped, but Doug Weinstein (a horn arranger of some ability) sat next to Bolton’s trumpeter on the plane and had a nice conversation, which was probably enhanced by the fact that she’s cute.

But when we were waiting in line for immigration, a fellow with a blue blazer and a badge came and took Bolton (who was wearing a black pullover that said “royalty” on the back) and two sidekicks (a personal assistant and a bodyguard, by appearances) out of the line and whisked them ahead of a lot of other patiently-waiting folks. This was repeated at the customs station. I’d be curious to know what policy permits such special treatment; it was poorly received by those waiting in line.

Maybe the goons just understood that Bolton had returned to America and decided not to prolong the agony and take their punishment manfully…?

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