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Eoghan Quigg Has The Madeleine McCann X Factor

by | 13th, December 2008

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It’s sardine munching Tony Parsons. He’s got mourning sickness.

If Eoghan Quigg wins The X Factor tonight, it will be because he tugged the nation’s heartstrings by sobbing like a big softy on last week’s show…Even boyband JLS would be preferable to cry-baby Quigg and his croaking, fist-punching High School Musical routines…

But cry-baby Quigg could nick it after blubbing his heart out when Diana got the boot. Personally, I thought I was going to vomit.

Sod Cowell and Tweedy’s Cry In – who’s for a game of Tabloid Bingo?

I remember when we said goodbye to another Diana, and William and Harry walked behind their mother’s coffin, their hearts breaking but their eyes dry.

Tick. Tick. Tick. (It’s a quick game.)

And I remember how Kate McCann never cried in front of the cameras, although she must have wanted to cry and never stop – in complete contrast to the crocodile tears of kidnap creep Karen Matthews.

Tick. Tic… Bingo! …k…

We all feel like crying sometimes, but it should be as private as prayer. But as we saw with William and Harry at Diana’s funeral, and as Madeleine McCann’s mother showed, real grief is frequently beyond tears.

Only she did cry. And the mawkish Mirror was there to tell us all about it. Entertaining stuff.

What is that howling hobbit Eoghan going to do when he faces real tragedy – such as the death of his pet hamster?

Blame the Spanish ?

THE AUSTRALIAN: “Price of money for nothing”

IN May last year, four-year-old Madeleine McCann went missing from an apartment in Portugal where her family was on holiday. Her disappearance dominated the news in Britain and across the world. Despite a reward of pound stg. 2.5million being offered for her safe return, nothing has been seen of her.

Well, not nothing. She has been spotted in Lapland, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Morocco, Belgium, Brazil, HollandBosnia, France, AustraliaVenezuela, on a letter and Dorset.

But one mother’s anguish proved another’s opportunity.

Back in England, watching daytime television in her council house in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, 32-year-old Karen Matthews got to thinking about that reward. She contacted Michael Donovan, her present partner’s uncle, with a plan to abduct her own nine-year-old daughter, Shannon, and hide her at Donovan’s house. After a few weeks, when a reward was offered, Donovan would claim to have found Shannon and the two conspirators would then split the money.

Indeed. So they did it for the money, right?

Yet it has to be worth trying, for something urgently needs to be done to halt the growth of the welfare underclass. If these latest reforms fail, Brits can expect to see many more dulled, hardened faces like that of Matthews staring out from the front pages of their newspapers in the years to come.

Weren’t me, guv. The nanny state made me do it.

Image: Liverpudlian artist Lee Jones chose to recreate the sculpture on canvas and feature Cheryl as his muse explaining: ‘”As an artist I feel the overwhelming warmth of the northern people towards Cheryl Cole and I wanted to portray this by depicting her as our very own Angel of the North.

‘” Isee her as a new icon of popular culture for the 21st century, a beacon of light in these bleak times – a fine example of a northern lass making good.‘”

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