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The X Fatwa: Omar Barki Answers Your Questions

by | 13th, December 2008

OMAR Bakri Mohammed is back. After too long a wait, and too many pretenders, the UK’s very own gurning Islamist loon is broadcasting again.

Eat your heart out, Rossy!

Sadly, Bakri is only available for those of you with an internet connection. The rest will have to make do with Anorak’s compilation DVD and video “Now That’s What I Call Ranting” Volumes 1,2,3,4 and now 5.

Sky reports that Bakri has been delivering sermons on the internet chat room PalTalk from his home in Lebanon.

Bakri’s internet start up attracts 30 to 50 users. But with the Sun and Sky on his side, he hopes the figure to rise to many more.

After the rant, fans are invited to submit questions which Bakri then addresses.

“Omar – How do you get your beerd so wirey. I’m a proud 32 female jihadi and am sik ov tryin” – bum-fluff

“Omar – Can Take that find room for Robbie Williams. Can anyone? Arf. Arf” – back-for-good

“Any sign of Maddie, stolen by the Joos?” – jihadis-4-madz

“Omar – Eoghan to win?” – X-Fatwa

Says Sky:

While monitoring this chat room Sky News heard Bakri tell his followers that no Muslim should join the Pakistan Army, but rather should support the Mujahideen – Muslims fighting a jihad, or Holy war.

He also told them it was “haraam” (or prohibited) to wish work colleagues “Merry Christmas”.

“Yo-ho-ho,” as that other bearded immigrant would say…

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