Anorak News | Thief Kills Shopkeeper With “Excessive Self-Defence”

Thief Kills Shopkeeper With “Excessive Self-Defence”

by | 13th, December 2008

YOU can killed by a criminal exhibiting signs of “excessive shelf defence”. To Australia:

A MASKED robber who fled with just $195 before using a fence paling to kill a newsagent was jailed for at least 7½ years yesterday. Steven Momir Katic, 31, was acquitted of murder but convicted of the manslaughter of Chinh Nguyen, 41, at Glenfield in Sydney’s southwest in February last year…

Justice Peter Hidden said Mr Nguyen handed over all the money in the till and Katic ran from the shop.

Mr Nguyen and his famaily had fled Vietnam on a boat and worked hard to build a new life in Oz.

“Unfortunately, Mr Nguyen, who must have been a man of no little courage and who could not have known whether the air rifle was loaded or not, pursued the offender,” the judge said.

After a struggle, Katic dumped the money and the air rifle was wrestled from him, before Mr Nguyen pursued him into a laneway where Katic hit him with a fence paling. He died in hospital a week later…

Justice Hidden concluded Katic had not intended to kill the newsagent, but had engaged in excessive self defence”, fearing Mr Nguyen was going to attack him.

The defence rests…


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