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Save The Cars: Let’s Bomb Michigan

by | 14th, December 2008

HOW to dave the US car indutry? John Cole, with a bailout plan the GOP can support.

We need to invade Michigan and rebuild the state from the ground up. We will be greeted as liberators, we have clear supply lines, and we can easily rebuild the auto industry with the kind of money we spend on other countries we invade. Hell, our new Secretary of State, Hillary of Clinton, spent the better part of the past year fighting for the rights of average folks from Michigan, so think of the good will we have with the public. This is very doable. Just tell Congress we will give KBR no-bid contracts to fix Detroit.

And citizens of Baltimore, Atlanta, St. Louis, and DC- you better get your shit together or you are next.

But they’re not buying it.


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