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Russell Brand Strictly Come Dancing Vote Nightmare

by | 15th, December 2008

MORE BBC phone awfulness as Russell Brand makes a call to Strictly Come Dancing.

“Sickly Cum Revolting,” screams the Mail. “Dancing into a storm.”

“Angry Strictly Come Dancing fans have demanded their money back after the voting shambles that hit Saturday night’s show.”

Russell brand’s text vote for “pro” dancer Camilla Dallerup was counted. The Mail is outraged, so too is Blue Peter garden survivalist and potato penis polisher Esther Rantzen:

“The appalling news was delivered by Tess Daly who looked horrified and bewildered – as well she might.”

That’s what having to watch her husband Vernon Kaye’s TV output does to you. Esther goes on:

“So what should the BBC do to try to avoid this absurd cock-up happening again?”

Rantzen’s rant ends there. Says the Mail:

The use of the word c**k in an earlier article was entirely accidental and wrong. The sub-editor has been sacked, Rantzen’s contract has been terminated and the Mail is investigating Haringey social services involvement in the debacle.

The Mail, like Strictly Come Dancing, is a family show and if favourite Lisa Snowdon’s claim to fame is having had sex with George Rooney, it is an oft-toldf anecdote entirely unproven.

There will no pictures of the coupling the Mail, unless they can be supplied in a plain brown envelope and left with the receptionist at 2 Derry Street..

Jonathan Ross is giggling…

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