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Eoghan Quigg Is And Orville Duck Whittington

by | 16th, December 2008

Eoghan Quigg?
Who issssss-ah yur veeeeeeery bearrrrrst fri-eeeee-i-end?
You are, Diana Vickers.

No longer. The Star brings the font-page news that ex X Factor screecher Diana has dumped ex X Factor Eoghan “FOR CHRISTMAS”. They are the ex-X Factor exes.

Anorak can think of better seasonal gifts than being dumped, but because mums and dads have snapped up bargains at Woolwooths, we can’t think of all that many – perhaps a Keith Harris compilation CD and some man-sized tissues?

An insider tells the Star:

“Eoghan is heartbroken. All his dreams have some crashing down in the space of a few hours.”

Eoghan was going to fly. But he can’t.

But aim for the skies, Eoghan, because you are this year’s Ray Quinn. The X Factor production line churns them out, and while Alexandra Burke is appearing as Leona Lewis, Quigg is Quinn.

Quinn is starring in Aladdin in one of Peterborough’s leading theatres. And Keith Harris – “the Cowell of the puppet world” – will be showcasing Orville in the excellent (Duck?) Dick Whittington, Portsmouth.

So chin up, Eoghan. And dream of reaching the skies…

You can!

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