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They Work For You: Foreigners Take Every British Job

by | 16th, December 2008

DID you know that “1.3 migrants took EVERY Brit vacancy since 2001”? All true. “THEY’VE STOLEN ALL OUR JOBS,” says the front-page headline

The Star, on whose cover this research features, does not list the names of the hard-working immigrants. But they’ve been upping their output.

As the BBC reported way back in October 2007:

“More than half of new jobs created under Labour since 1997 have gone to foreign workers, it has emerged… 52% – or 1.1 million – of new jobs created had gone to migrants.”

That figure is now 100%.

Jacqui Smith told the BBC a year ago:

“…the important point is that actually there are 2.7 million more jobs in this country than there were in 1997.”

Which means that, 1.3milion migrants have been working a double shift and 100,000 Trojans working three jobs at once.

ARE IMMIGRANTS STEALING JOBS?” asks the Star. It’s a wonder they have time to be career criminals (geddit?) on top of their onerous working hours. But some are Rogarians. Make the call. Yes? No?

The Express, the slutty Star’s decrepit aunt, is more precise and says “nearly all 1.34 million jobs created in Britain in the past seven years have gone to immigrants”.

It notes that X Factor winner Alexandra Burke’s recording contract and Prince Harry’s soldiering mean the Star’s 100% is an exaggeration, however slight.

During the same period, figures supplied by Migrationwatch, which has a vested interest in such matters, say the number of UK-born workers in employment fell by 62,000.

It would seem that while the foreigners are willing to work for the minimum wage – £5.73 an hours – the Britishers are not. Which means:

a) We have never had it so good
b) We don’t consider these new jobs to be jobs worth doing
c) We don’t need to work choosing to live off our property portfolios or, failing that, the taxes immigrants (ie workers) pay into the big pot
d) We are being robbed blind and need to deport everyone with a job

Take your pick. Vote now, or get Malene Espensen, the Star’s Danish-born Page 3 girls to do it for you…

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