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Iraq Rejoices As Angelina Jolie Pregnant With Twins

by | 16th, December 2008

ANGELINA Jolie is “gearing up for another set of twins”. So says the National Enquirer in “TWINS AGAIN!”

The even better news is that she’s chosen to give birth in Iraq, and that means a no-fly zone over heard, just like in Namibia.

While peaceniks celebrate, the Enquirer tells of “secret fertility treatments”, perhaps manifest in the recent growth sighted on Brad Pitt’s testosterone-fuelled top lip.

What’s more, Brad and Ange will get married. The Enquirer is unable to reveals the exact date, but it will happen, most probably in a “June”.

In the meanwhile, Angelina is taking “prenatal vitamins”, eating yams and drinking orange juice.

And the revelations keep on coming as the Enquirer tells us that at the nuptials:

“The twins will to down the aisle, too. If they aren’t walking, yet, they’ll be carried.”

No, not in Angelina’s tum-tum but on a golden chariot pulled by winged horse – fly-zone permitted…

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