Anorak News | Andrew Sullivan Continues To Investigate Sarah Palin’s Womb

Andrew Sullivan Continues To Investigate Sarah Palin’s Womb

by | 16th, December 2008

ANDREW Sullivan has an update on two-wombs Bristol Palin and her mum Sara Palin:

Some readers asked me to comment on Patrick’s post last week. I don’t have much to add except that I totally respect and understand his view and always have. Neither Patrick nor I have baldly asserted something we cannot know for sure: that Trig Palin is Sarah Palin’s biological son. Our difference has merely been that he assumes that the Alaska governor is telling the truth and sees all the circumstantial evidence as very compelling backing for her maternity (as has almost everyone else in the MSM). For my part, I have always clearly conceded that that is perfectly possible, but that the bizarre chronology and facts in the public record raise enough questions that a simple piece of easily produced evidence should have been produced to end the issue at once. The facts of the case and the refusal to defuse it was enough to prevent me from assuming that she was the mother. I know that made and makes me look like a total douche in some people’s eyes, but I figure that journalists who are afraid of looking like douches for doing their job should pick another line of work.

Meanwhile, Mr Edwards, anyone..?

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