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Riling Peter Falk Til He Snaps

by | 17th, December 2008

NEWS all over the press that Peter Falk., TV’s Columbo, is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

The Mail does its bit and notes:

Catherine Falk says her father is so ill he is not competent enough to run his own life and needs full-time custodial care. The distraught daughter said yesterday that the 81-year-old ‘does not always recognise familiar people, places and things’ and ‘is unable to bathe himself or care for his clothing’.


She also insists he ‘does not always recognise familiar people, places and things’ and ‘is not oriented in time’.

Can this be the same Daily Mail whose report on the “erratic” Falk caused the New York Post to write:

Falk played the title role in the long-running crime drama “Columbo,” about a rumpled LA detective whose keen police skills are underestimated by crooks.

But Falk’s TV character was nothing like the mess the actor has become. As he headed down the street Tuesday, with his belly sticking out from a two-sizes-too-small plaid shirt, he waved his arms maniacally.
Mail readers may recall the Mail’s image of a clearly distressed Falk gesturing for snappers to leave him alone.

Or have you and the Mail forgotten this:

Either the years haven’t been kind to veteran actor Peter Falk or he wasn’t having a very good day…The actor’s unusual gaze is caused by a glass eye fitted at the age of three due to a malignant tumor.

And the snapper flashing him. Other Alzheimer’s carers who understand the Mail’s post-Diana dedication”not in future to purchase pictures taken by paparazzi” and its pain at how awful and cruel the UK has become:

* Maybe he thought the cameras were trying to steal his soul or something.

* Old people do this sometimes. The smallest shit will piss them off so immensely and they will rant and rave. The second anyone goes to check on them they give you the nastiest attitude and get offended and will say “I don’t need your help!” It doesn’t take muttering and arm waving to tell this dude’s crazy.

* Maybe the paparazzi put him into the rage instead of catching the actor mid-frenzy. The pap have been known to have that effect on many Hollywood celebrities. Just a thought.

* It doesn’t take muttering and arm waving to tell this dude’s crazy *

* “Yeah, God, one more thing, why won’t USA pick up my last ‘Columbo’?”

* Peter Falk Runs Amok — Refuses Help and Comb

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