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Rod Blagojevich Is A Non-Republican

by | 17th, December 2008

ROD Blagojevich is a Democrat. Unless you tune into the BBC , where he is a fmphusmph:

Following on from Laban’s post, I was listening to Radio 4 the day before yesterday at about 6.15pm. There was quite a lengthy discussion of Governor Rod Blagojevich’s corruption without, yet again, any mention of what party he represented.

The BBC is not alone. The Sydney Morning Herald’s Anne Davies manages to write about Rod Blagojevich without mentioning that Blagojevich is a non-Republican.

Blagojevich is of no politcal affiliation:

In the James Bone’s piece for The Times, and when Blago is the “Governor of his [Obama’s] home state”.

If Blago were a Republican, would his politcal party be as ignored?

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