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The Making Of America’s Political Lords

by | 17th, December 2008

IT’S a good job America has free and fair democracy and not nepotism and ruling houses:

Rod Blagojevich’s favorite pick for his local Ilinois Senate was widely regarded to be Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., the son of a someone or other.

In New York, Caroline Kennedy, daughter of so-and-so and niece to him and the bad driver is in the fray. If she gets the nod, she’ll take over from Hillary Clinton, wife to whatshisface.

And Barack Obama has nominated Sen. Ken Salazar of Colorado as his interior secretary. Salazar’s brother, Rep. John Salazar, is in line to replace him.

Old Mr Anorak points out that things are changed and that neither Obama nor Joe Biden are sons or grandsons of US Senators, making them the first non-daddy’s boy winning ticket since 1976.

But Biden knows. In Delaware, there’s speculation that Beau Biden, Joe’s boy and Delaware’s attorney general, intends to run for the Senate in 2010.

And Obama..? Well this from USA Today:

“President-elect Barack Obama will arrive [in Washington] for his inauguration by train from Philadelphia, making a journey with echoes of the Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln”

Less nepotism than the product of all that gone before.

Over her in backwards Blighty, we have to make do with the house of Lords…

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