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NASA’S Orbiting Carbon Observatory Takes On The BBC

by | 18th, December 2008

NASA’S Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) will locate those points on these Earth’s surface where CO2 is being emitted and absorbed.

Says the BBC:

CO2 from human activities is thought to be driving climate changes, but important facts about its movement through the atmosphere remain elusive.

Thought to be?

BBC: Global climate change is “very likely” to have a human cause, an influential group of scientists has concluded.

Very likely?

Of course, when you know where the big carbon dioxide producers are – Anorak’s money is on Beijing and other palces where humans get together and “breathe” – you can sue:

The vast numbers affected by the effects of climate change, such as flooding, drought and forest fires, mean that potentially people, organisations and even countries could be seeking compensation for the damage caused.

Can you sue a cow?

Although hailed by the BBC as “the UN’s top climate scientist”, Dr Pachauri, who holds PhDs in economics and engineering, is nothing of the kind, but just an apparatchik.

A vegetarian Hindu, Dr Pachauri not only used highly tendentious figures to promote his cause but said nothing about the contribution made to global warming by India’s 400 million sacred cows, which presumably would still be free to vent wind even if the rest of humanity is converted to eating veggieburgers.

As BBC politics test card Jeremy Paxman put it:

Maybe the BBC could even demonstrate its green credentials by planting an entire forest, and making a series about it?”

Says the BBC:

The agency believes the technology on OCO can end some of the mysteries.

Can’t wait…

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