Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Sue Carroll Hymns Maddie Copperfield And Prayers For Hope

Madeleine McCann: Sue Carroll Hymns Maddie Copperfield And Prayers For Hope

by | 23rd, December 2008

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FERGUS Shanahan (The Sun): “McCanns must move on.”

So says the deputy editor of the Sun one day after the paper’s Morn Porn headline and story:

Maddie’s Xmas gifts are lying under the tree – THE parents of missing Madeleine McCann wrestled with their anguish to buy her gifts — on their second Christmas without her. Kate and Gerry McCann took the heart-wrenching decision as they released a fresh video appeal to find her.

Now Shanahan says:

Kate and Gerry face predictable carping for not having put out the film when Maddie was snatched.

Yeah, Shanahan knows what happened to her. And he’s sticking to the facts:

Their critics should bear in mind that the McCanns almost certainly acted on advice not to flood the media with too many pictures.

Yeah, “almost certainly”. Such are the fact, Fergus. Anything more?

Realistically, Maddie is gone, and for their own sanity the McCanns should make their appeal their last.

Well, that’s surely what they want to do, because another year without knowing what happened to their daughter is not what they want, “almost certainly.”

In the meanwhile, Anorak is sure the McCanns will be thankful for yet more media advice…

See: ‘We’ll never give up on Maddie’ – Sun

SUE CARROLL (Daily Mirror): “Maddy shows us true face of Christmas hope”

You say Maddie, he says Maddie, they say Madeleine, you say Maddie, Maddy, Maddie, Missing Madeee – let’s call the whole thing off

Hope and forgiveness. Those twin virtues have some to represent what Christmas is really about.

Nothing to do with religion, then. It’s about Madeleine McCann’s twin siblings?

And can there be anyone with more hope in their hearts than Kate and Gerry McCann…?

Dunno. Some children get pretty hopeful at Christmas time, so too does The Pope. And ther are the Obamists. While we wait the results of a survey to see is possessed of the most hope, here’s a video:

So Maddy’s cute, irresistible , scrunched-up smile has crashed into our comfort zones like an Exocet missile exploding the myth this is the season to be jolly.

Fire in the hole! Humbug! It’s Maddy Copperfield.

What mother could resist?

Anorak can think of one possible resistor. But this is not about Our Maddie, this is about the parents and how it could be their kids next:

The same cameo [see video] will be played out all over Britain on Thursday as homes are filled with the uniquely comforting smell of turkey roasting in the oven amid piles of discarded wrapping paper and the buzz of excited kids.

All asking “Where’s Maddy is?” It’s the story of Christmas:

It tells us how once upon a time the McCanns were a totally unassuming unit, like any other… It is also a reminder that while they may have been out of sight the agony goes on. Some days it may comes as a dull ache at other times an excrutiating pain for which there is no cure.

No cure. Unless Madeleine is found, Doctor Carroll, high priestess of comment:

If all we can do is pray, let’s do it again. If not just for Maddy, then for hope itself.

Dear, God…!

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