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Nasal Sex At The Daily Mail’s Advanced Medical Institute

by | 26th, December 2008

“WANT Longer Lasting Sex?” asks the poser on the billboard.

Well, no. But the Mail is not listening, having become aroused by the words “SEX” and now unable to think of anything else.

Almost 200 hoardings in bold red on yellow print have appeared in and around London. One, with the word ‘sex’ in lettering twice as high as the rest of the advert, is within a few hundred metres of a large supermarket.


Others are near schools or stretch alongside busy roads to catch the eye of motorists.

There’s the words sex by the school, just by the graffiti that’s says “Dannni Does It With Dog’s D****” and the 5ft-high rendering of an ejaculating penis.

The advert for Advanced Medical Institute in Australia has already been “banned in its native country”, says the paper. Australia is a serial bansturbation enthusiast, having banned sunbathing, drinking, drinking-while-sunbathing and much else. But what of the ad?

The only medical reference is in the bottom left-hand corner, in much smaller type, which reads ‘Nasal Delivery Technology- Call the Doctors at Advanced Medical Institute’.

The company’s website says that this simply means a nose spray. But what active ingredient it contains is not revealed.

The spray comes in a tube. Pull the outer sheath back and jet of liquid shoots you up the nose. Best shut eyes first.

Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe is dismayed:

“What do you say to a child if you are driving along and the child says ‘what does that mean mummy?’ Advertisements are supposed to be decent and truthful – and these billboards are not decent.’”

Any mum should grab some paint and throw it over the billboards, or else set fire to them. The Daily Mail contained the word “sex” only once, an event that led the 1968 “Burning Of The Papers”, when caring mums and dads torched the paper’s officers.

Said the editor at the time:

“They did the decent thing.”

Says the Mail now:

Despite the watchdog [the Advertising Standards Authority] investigation, AMI…has not been ordered to take the billboards down. The result of the probe will not be known until the New Year.

Probe? Disgusting! To the offices!!!

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