Anorak News | Marco Pierre White And Piers Morgan Serve Up A Treat

Marco Pierre White And Piers Morgan Serve Up A Treat

by | 27th, December 2008

PIERS Morgan is in conversation with Marco Pierre White for GQ magazine. What follows is a self-service buffet of syrup, fat and bloated ego that reading it risks clogging the arteries.

Fortunately for you, Old Mr Anorak has arteries made of titanium and the best bits taken from the embryos of baby turtles. Dim the lights. Table for two.

Panaché of langoustines and pork belly with a purée of carrots

PM: “I’ve known Marco Pierre White for 14 years and I’ve enjoyed some extraordinary nights with him. The kinds of nights you never forget…the ones you tell your wide-eyed grandchildren…”

What did you do in the restaurant, grandpa Piers..?

“There was the night the four of us drank £28,000 worth of wine…”
“Marco commanded me to get really drunk with him – … guzzling £500 bottles of amazing Italian red..”

Grandpa has a pudding wine bearing the inscription “£,1500 a glass, love Marco”

Calf’s tongue, sauce gribiche, served steamy

PM: I had never met anyone quite like you in my life
MPW: You were special, too…

MPW: I’ve watched your career and you’re like me – you’re very thorough, you’re very correct, you do your homework. You’re not lazy. Right or wrong?
PM: Sounds about right to me.

Anorak readers may recall how Piers Morgan was sacked from his job as the Mirror’s editor for publishing fake pictures of squaddies abusing a prisoner.

The meeting then moves into the area of parody, and then beyond it, as White and Morgan enact their favourite scenes from Alas Smith And Jones, The Fast Show and trail Sacha Baron Cohen’s new character, Flambe?

Drunken fish

MPW recalls meeting now resting actor Oliver Red, and arm wrestling him:

MPW: “I managed to take him to there but then he pushed me back to there. Lew Grade was refereeing and Ollie’s wife, Josephine, was watching.”

Caramelised scallops and calamari with sauce nero with Yorkshiro pudding

MPW’s mother was born in Italy. He was raised in Leeds, living La Dolce Chipolata:.

PM: I think your Italian blood makes you a bit Corleone-like, Marco…
MPW: I think self-discovery is the greatest achievement in life…

MPW might be in GQ but he is no celebrity – so says the star of TV’s Hell’s Kitchen and soon-to-be star of US TV’s The Chopping Block:

MPW: “I could easily play the whole celebrity game, but that’s not me. I don’t get seen outside of my own restaurants…”

PM: Which Corloene would you most liken yourself to?
MPW: Oh, the Young Vito…
PM: Have you ever turned into Sonny Corleone during stages of your life?
MPW: Yes. In the Harvey’s days I was Sonny. I survived, though, and was lucky I didn’t end up getting shot dead in the causeway

Sherry trifle Wally Ladd

Is MPW the Don of chefdom now?

MPW: Look, none of the heavyweights who were round 20 years ago are still around… There only one is Raymond Blanc.”


Canard a la presse, Tour d’Argent

Above all MPW likes good manners. Here’s the tale of his arrival at the Fat Duck eatery – MPW asks the owner, one Heston Blumenthal, to throw Gordon Ramsay and Mrs Ramsay out. Ramsay raged.

MPW: No I told Heston to remove him. There is a difference between asking and telling.

So what if Ramsay had challenged him to a fight?

MPW: But people who get angry never hit you – they are not the ones you need to worry about
PM: Don Corleone couldn’t have put it better himself
MPW: Self–confidence is true power

Two sushi rolls and a Kate Kid special, please!

MPW adds: “A man who has weakness is a dishonest man”

Biscuit to go..?

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